civil infrastructure

In civil infrastructure, our services include setting up towers, providing earthing, and assembling other systems. The systems may belong to transportation, healthcare, or for increasing connectivity. To continue the cycle, we even give regular service checks for all the existing systems. Moreover, we have experts to watch the quality and operation of every site. 

In addition to it, all our sites are resistant to physical changes and natural stressors. Thus, all our structures have shock absorbers that make them tolerant of natural disasters.

Moreover, our managers are well-trained to create a zero harm workplace. We invest our time and money in teaching our workers about safety methods. For the covid times, we provide masks, sanitizers, and maintain social distancing too.

As a result, Hexa teleservices has successfully completed numerous projects and built a community of satisfied customers over the years.

Providing earthing Hexa tele services

Providing Earthing

In civil infrastructure, the foundational element that ensures the longevity, safety, and reliability of electrical systems is often unseen but vitally important: earthing.

Setting up tower hexa tele services

Setting Up Tower

The world of communication is expanding at an extremely fast pace in the last decade. Everybody now has a mobile phone in his hands thus service providers