railway infrastructure

Railways are the most used transportation in our country. It is not just a means to go from one place to another but also a name that millions of people rely on. Yet, despite being the most used means of transport, the railway infrastructure still needs improvements. Thus, we understand our responsibility and promise world-class services to our clients. The life and property of people are at stake. As a result, we leave no chance for errors. Our team consists of dedicated professionals and engineers. Moreover, we train our managers to ensure the safety of our staff and locals around the sites.

Our services in railway infrastructure mainly include-

  • Equipment Installation & Commissioning
  • Power & Electrical work
  • Telecommunication (SDH ,PDH, DNS, etc.)

Currently, our teams are working with DFCC. The project will be delivered in three sections that include EDFC-1 and 343 km double-track line between Khajuraho and Kanpur.